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Model:Beetle Sunroof
Color:Savanna Beige, L620
Owner:Marlene Massey
Restored:July 2011
Info:I purchased Sunny in 1984 when I was 15 from his original owner. The reverse gear was out so I only paid $200 for him. He was very complete and in very good shape except for typical beetle rust. I only drove him one summer. In the winter of 1986 I stripped him down to restore. For the next 15 years, he always seemed to become the project that was put on the back burner. In 2002, I finally decided it was time to get him done. Over the next year and a half I managed to get him painted and 95% assembled. In the summer of 2004 he went for his first test ride down the road, but then once again he got put on the back burner. In the spring of 2011 when I got Matt (my ’69 convertible) out for the season, Sunny looked at me and asked if he was ever going to get finished. I felt very bad and told him that I would finish him and take him to the car show in Aug. I kept my promise, and on Aug 6th 2011 Sunny proudly drove to the show and came home with first in class and 2nd place best of show.

During Sunny’s restoration the goal was to keep him as original as possible; not to make him perfect. Wherever possible I used his original parts, even if they were not shiny and new. One example of this is his survivors. The new ones you purchase just don’t look the same and do not have the “character” the original ones do. A second example is his non-German left front fender. In the late 70's Sunny was in a small fender bender and when repaired his original owner chose not to use a genuine VW fender. During his restoration I thought about putting a German fender on, but I decided that this fender was a part of Sunny’s history so I left it on even though the horn grill is not in the correct location.

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