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Rudy 1957 Beetle
Magnolia 1974 Camper
Karmann 1967 Conv
Scooby 1970 Camper
Charlie 1961 Single Cab
Bucky 1968 Baja
LuLu 1974 Ghia

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About Me

I have been restoring and tinkering with Beetles since I was 13 years old (I am currently 55).  My families first two Beetles were a 1965 and 1966 that my sister and I named "Black Herbie" and "White Herbie".

A few years later my dad purchased a different car for himself and let me tinker with White Herbie.  After working on him I told my parents that I wanted a different bug to work on.  They told me that we would have to sell White Herbie. With that money they would buy me another Beetle that I could do whatever I wanted to with.  That is when Harvey came into the picture, a 1968.  I ended fixing Harvey up. Since I still couldn't drive, I ended up selling Harvey and purchased yet another Bug.  This time a 1972 Super Beetle named Clyde.

As you may have noticed the trend had started.  I ended up also selling Clyde, just to purchase another Beetle.  When my sixteenth birthday came I had bought and sold enough Bugs that I now had enough money to build myself a nice Baja Bug.  As high school went on I kept buying more Bugs.  Some I fixed and sold while others I parted out.  At times there were five to six Beetles sitting in our driveway. 

After high school I continued to work on Beetles while going to college. At this time I started restoring cars for other people that happen to see my work.  This income helped pay my way through school. Currently I own five Beetles and one Bus,  Matt my 1969 convertible, ED my baja bug, Sunny and Herman, my 1967s, Oliver my 1953 Oval and Lloyd (The newest member of the family) a 1957 bus.   My dad has a 1974 Super Beetle and my sister has a 1974 Beetle.  Over the years I would have to say that I have owned and/or restored about 30 plus Beetles.

Below are some photos of other bugs I have owned and some other fun photos. Check out the bug boat. Isn't that thing neat?  Click on the thumbnail to see the larger photo.